"Slow is real."

"Slow is real."

Sometimes we feel "why the hell is this taking so long" or "what's the matter with me, I am so much slower than everyone else."  What the hell would it feel like to accept that stuff just seems to take forever . . .

It took me forever to stamp again. Okay, maybe a month--forever in rubber-stamping time! 

The only way I got to the piece of paper was to tell my mind to be quiet (okay, maybe I was not that polite) and not think. The weird thing was once I started, my mind stopped the chatter. Once I finished the piece, I was surprised by how calm I felt.  It felt like I had battled through huge Resistance (see Steven Pressfield's War of  Art).

The only decisions I had to make was where each letter was going to be inked and stamped on the paper--rudimentary! I have never been diagnosed ADD, but considering how fast I go from zero-to-overwhelm, I  suspect I would qualify. But really, do we know anyone who would not be diagnosed ADD or ADHD? I mean people we would choose as friends.

I have to be reminded on all the time of what is true or I slip back into the default mode of treating myself like a girl who is constantly getting in trouble.