Do I Want to Be Organized or Am I Looking for Home?

God knows I keep looking for good reasons why I struggle with my own organization and clues to solve the dilemma. As wacky as it might sound, given my struggles, is that one of my businesses is that of an organizer .

I won’t give up on the dream of my own organized life. meaning every  piece of paper, tool, article of clothing has it’s home once and for all.

You know what I just realized? No way can that fantasy of an organized life happen yet--I am still searching for a place to call home.

[Dear organization clients: no need to fear, I am a wizard when it comes to organizing others--it's an intuitive thing. The irony is that I am the perfect organizer BECAUSE I am always searching for the newest organizing tips and tricks. And I love sharing any and all things that will help you]

In one of my research bouts I came across a review with this novel idea that caused immediate relief: (paraphrased)

Perfectionists are in a state of disorganization as they struggle to find the perfect organizing solution
— Unfortunately, I was a slacker & did not get the source :-(

And this leads to the perfect :-) quote:

Rubber-stamps, ink, 18" x 24" paper, photographed and taken through  a ton of photo applications.