My Creation of Beauty: What Ralph Waldo Emerson Taught Me

The love of beauty is taste…The creation of beauty is art.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

We’ve seen this quote, we’ve felt this quote, we’ve lived this quote; but have we known this quote? Rarely do people include the ellipses because it seems more poignant to have two mutually exclusive sentences, but there’s so much missing that I had to uncover. The missing portion?

Others have the same love in such excess, that, not content with admiring they seek to embody it in new forms.[1]

I understand the point of leaving that out; the two sentences seem to sum everything up nicely. But that sentence itself speaks volumes to me, and many artists, at their beginning stages of discovery. I can’t simply admire art anymore; I have to become part of it, I have to actively participate, I have to verbify my appreciation.

Emerson crafted essays based on his philosophical and moral theories and “wrote about nature as a revealer of spiritual truths.”[2] His beliefs, like mine, were based on the beauty that surrounds us and drives us to action. I strive to embody art in a new form both as a remix and an homage, and blend of old and new mediums.

I’ve admired quotes and art so much that I can no longer sit around and relish in it; I need to partake in its depth. As I discover the value my pieces are to myself and create value for others, I keep this quote in mind because it signifies that in between point when you’re beginning the journey. I want to create a stage for these words that lets others love them in such excess that they too feel compelled to embody art in all forms.

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