Rubber Stamp Art is Art

The notion of using rubber stamps in artwork might cause some to raise an eyebrow.  It’s easier to laugh off the wild idea than really take a peak into the challenge it provides. 

The limitations of rubber stamps are its unique way of forcing creativity, engaging outside the box thinking, and redefining what individuals consider art.  I believe if you can put your name on something and be proud to say you created it, and it sparks something in other, it is most certainly art.  Should the limits of my drawing abilities be the reason I don’t participate in creative release? 

Since a young age we’re told to express ourselves, embrace our oddities, but stay inside the lines. 

I’ve never bothered to stay inside the lines, and probably couldn’t if I tried!

Not only is it difficult, it’s constricting to think that what one person defines as artistic and beautiful is the universal for that medium.  There are millions of ways to turn a type of art into a piece, and it should only be defined by the limitations of the artist.  Not the voluntary witnesses.

I find adults preaching to their children to “be your own person”, while silently discouraging “weird” forms of self-expression.  The point of self-expression is to get something off of your chest and release stress in a healthy way.  So, why discourage it because different forms don’t suit your tastes?

Rubber stamps suit my tastes, expand my imagination, and challenge my creativity.  Rubber-stamping crafts the only lines I want to stay inside.  And isn’t that the healthiest form of self-expression there is? Everyone has that creative itch inside of them that’s clawing to get out because, let’s face it; there are some feelings that words alone cannot describe. Being an artist in the way that feels right to you is the healthiest form of self-expression because it’s about just that: self.

Are there ways in which you consider yourself an artist while others ignore it?  How do you feel about rubber stamps as a medium for artwork?