Accountability Buddies Are Essential


{Dedicated to my new accountability buddy, R.S.} 

It was one of those days where I almost let myself off from working on my stuff (making things),

Today I had a job organizing for a client whose second daughter entered rehab.

Sometimes when I am confronted with the tragic effects of addiction, I want to round up all parents in the vicinity and send them to the fantasy good parent university. 

Of course there is no one thing or person to blame. Addiction takes on it's own slippery and destructive life. It wears me out, especially when it involves children.

Thanks to CreativeLIVE (should be link here), I have a new accountability friend (adding to my three others, including one for meditating, 5 minutes minimum, daily). I need all the support possible!

We check-in Monday - Friday, with our done or in-progress list, simple text, no feedback required.

When I reported my status today, as in not done yet, she related what works for her: all she requires of herself is to work 5 minutes. Human nature being what is, the pushing through an obstacle, usually allows us to keep working. 

Is this the first time I had heard of the 5 minute rule? No way! But when I was already hemming and hawing, no way is a voice of reason coming from me going to be heard. 

In my book, nothing beats peer-to-peer support on a day-to-day basis. I wish I could say it's enough to do it for myself, but it just ain't so. . .

A little something or a lot of nothing   

A little something or a lot of nothing 



5 minutes turned into 5 rubber stamped borders (18 x 24). Will experiment with scanning and overlay quotes.