Shyness is Rude


I wanted to make a sign in honor Novella Carpenter's Book tour, but shyness won. The kickoff to the tour for "Gone Feral" was at the Berkeley bookstore, Pegasus. All day I fantasized about creating a sign for her tour--what she could really do with it, not sure, and not my business. As I took my seat at the book reading in the folded metal chair, I felt relieved I had not exposed myself to a potentially awkward moment. But what I missed more was showing my appreciation for her work and giving her a token. I did not give her a choice in the matter = rudeness.

Love the idea of hashtags made from my willow branch stamp. Add pig and chicken stamps as ode to Farm City.  Missing from photo are horse and goat stamps.

Novella's new book "Gone Feral" is about tracking down her mostly estranged father--spoiler alert she finds him--and is confronted by their similarities.

I am open to dares.